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Our revenue increased by 50% after 6 months of working with Grow

Before working with Grow, we were facing a couple of issues:

– We needed clarity. We needed to understand who our customers were, what customer segments we wanted to target, how to target them and talk to them, and what it was that we were marketing exactly.
– We also wanted to understand what our best pricing options were.

The impact of our lack of clarity was that we didn’t know how to increase our profits. No clarity also meant that we had no direction. We didn’t know what we were trying to achieve, where to focus our resources, efforts, time and money which is really key when you’re a small business. It’s about economy and using resources wisely.

I went to a workshop at The British Library led by Alasdair. I had been to many workshops before but found that Alasdair’s workshop was by far the best. It was very practical. Alasdair had a very clear understanding of how small businesses operate and what they need. It wasn’t an academic workshop that was detached from the real world of small businesses.

I then had a chat with Alasdair and realised that we could really use his help.

Alasdair clarified things for us. He gave us a sense of direction and clear advice. We knew we had something to work with, a clear action plan.

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve worked with Alasdair and we still refer to his notes now.

We enjoyed working with Grow because Alasdair is very good at what he does. He really understands small businesses. He is practical, he practices what he preaches. He’s very clear, very supportive and he is a very nice guy.

I also liked that the fact that we could go to him and bounce ideas. Alasdair understands the big picture and his advice goes beyond marketing.


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