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The 12 Marketing Secrets of Fast Growth Companies

“Our turnover went from £214,000 to £608,000 after working with Grow”

Anna Ratcliffe

Cactus Kitchens

“We increased our turnover by 14,900%”

Khilan Shah

My Local Drug Store

“Our revenue increased by 50% after 6 months of working with Grow”


“In working with over 150 businesses since 2005, these are the 12 highest-impact marketing secrets we’ve seen fast growing businesses use to increase their turnovers with high figures like £394,000, £350,000 and £289,000”

What you’ll learn reading The 12 Marketing Secrets:

  1. How to attract the perfect customers for your business time and time again. Once you learn how to attract the right new customers, you’ll never waste money chasing poor quality customers again.

  2. Using Grow’s target market assessment tool you can easily profile your ideal customers, so you stop marketing to the wrong people. You can then laser focus 100% of your marketing efforts on attracting the most profitable customers. We shared this tool on with entrepreneurs on The Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses programme, and it went down a storm!

  3. Fast growth businesses leverage the cheapest and most cost-effective marketing method around – email marketing. Find out how to use email marketing to attract new customers AND increase the spend of existing customers. We worked with an ecommerce company to create an email campaign for lapsed customers, and they won over 75 customers back.

  4. How smart entrepreneurs take advantage of Google and get onto page one of the search results. You’ll learn how to get this page one advantage to outrank your competition and get a steady stream of new customers without paying for them!

  5. Entrepreneurs looking to scale know they must pay for web advertising to find customers who are searching their products and services online. You’ll find out the number one place to advertise online to customers who are looking for you. One of our clients sold £25,000 of workshop tickets advertising online.

  6. How you can leverage the most successful content marketing strategy of all time. We share remarkable research from 14,000 business owners that shows how this strategy can reliably double or triple new customer enquiries. At Grow, we use this strategy to attract thousands of new web visitors every month, and win new customers.

  7. Learn why you must use world’s oldest marketing strategy. Find out how Uber takes advantage of this simple, yet unbelievably effective marketing strategy to acquire new customers around the world. A client we worked with used this same strategy to get hundreds of new clients!

  8. You’ll learn the one surprising “issue,” that gets in the way of so many entrepreneurs success. It’s simple to fix, and it’s NOT a marketing issue. A business partnership in the area of corporate health we advised fixed this issue and have grown turnover by over 50%

  9. Find out the simple hack you must use for ALL your products and services, so they stand out in a crowded marketplace. By using this one hack, new customers choose you rather than the competition. A health company we work with uses this strategy to win extra new customers every day.

  10. You’ll learn how smart business owners approach social media, so they never waste money doing pointless social media when it’s not working.

  11. Love or hate Facebook, there’s a Facebook gold rush going on at the moment and switched on business owners are cashing in! Learn how the biggest opportunity on social media right now is on Facebook, and it’s NOT getting more likes and shares.

  12. Understand how to take advantage competitors successes and apply them to your own business. An ambitious therapist we worked with has more than doubled his turnover after leveraging the success of his competitors.



Find out:

  • How to get guaranteed web traffic.
  • How to attract new customers on auto-pilot.
  • How fast-growth businesses attract profitable customers.



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Find out:

  • How to get guaranteed web traffic.
  • How to attract new customers on auto-pilot.
  • How fast-growth businesses attract profitable customers.