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SMEs – Need better results from your marketing efforts?

Need more customers for your business? Need better results from your marketing efforts? Grow can help


As every business owner knows, getting more customers is the key to making a business a success. But many small and medium-sized businesses find the results of their marketing efforts disappointing. Some are confused or uncertain about how they can best market themselves. Others fail to give any consideration to marketing at all.

This is where Grow can help.

We have worked with more than a hundred businesses to improve their marketing and attract more customers. Businesses we work with see their revenues and profits increase substantially. We’ve helped struggling businesses to turn their fortunes around, and helped thriving businesses to become even more successful. But don’t take our word for it – see what our clients say about us.

How We Can Help

Marketing Consultancy

Through our marketing consultancy service, we can work with you on your marketing strategy and design a marketing plan that you can put into action immediately.

We use tried and tested methods that will turn your creative business ideas and business growth strategies into a reality.

Digital Marketing Masterclasses

Why not come down to one of our half-day digital marketing masterclasses at The British Library?

As a business owner, you must understand online marketing to make sure that your business is not left behind.

The workshops are full of practical, applicable and effective advices that will teach you the secrets of online marketing.

Marketing Masterclasses

We also offer half-day marketing masterclasses designed to teach you all the marketing basics an entrepreneur should know.

They are interactive, practical, and they really help you transform the way you market and sell your products and services to your clients.

The workshops also take place at The British Library.

In-House Marketing Training

Like the sound of a workshop but want something more tailored to your company?

An in-house marketing workshop is designed specifically for your team and targets the areas of marketing your business needs the most. The training will revitalise and refocus your marketing activities.

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