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The Grow Expert Network

The Grow Expert Network, is our collection of tried, tested and trusted freelancers who we recommend to our clients.

Our clients love The Grow Expert Network and regularly tell us that the people we’ve recommended to them have transformed their business results.

You need good marketing people, but they’re hard to find!

From our work with hundreds of scale-up entrepreneurs and teaching marketing to thousands of people there’s one factor that has remained sadly consistent. 🙁

Finding quality, trustworthy people to do your marketing is very difficult.

The entrepreneurs we consult with will never succeed if they can’t find the right people to implement for them. That’s why we’ve built The Grow Expert Network!

Did you know that the Best Marketing freelancers are always specialists?

  • If we spoke to a freelancer who claimed to be an expert in SEO and Google Ads, we’d stop the conversation immediately.
  • If we met a freelancer who claimed to be an expert in Facebook and Instagram Ads and Google Ads, we wouldn’t work with them.
  • The best freelance marketers always specialise in one particular area. Digital marketing changes so fast and so dramatically that only a specialist with experience can keep up with constant changes.

Freelancers who do a bit of this and that, tend to be average at best.

The Grow Expert Network only consists of experienced specialists with a track record of success.

At The Grow Expert Network we do the hard work of finding great specialists

Finding and testing great freelancers to recommend to the entrepreneurs we work with has become a business obsession of our MD, Alasdair Inglis.

One of the superpowers Alasdair has developed is being able to find and identify talented freelancers and then ruthlessly test them BEFORE they’re allowed to work with our clients.

We have tested 9 Google Ads experts, 7 WordPress experts, 3 recruiters and plenty more!

But can’t I find great freelancers on platforms like Upwork and Peopleperhour?

Yes you can****
Freelancer platforms such as Upwork and Peopleperhour have thousands of positively reviewed freelancers on them. You can post a project or a freelancer wanted advert, receive some applications, test out people and then hire the perfect freelancer.

However, if you create a public advert on these platforms you will get hundreds of applications, and many will be from freelancers who are totally inappropriate. Filtering hundreds of poor-quality applications is a lot of work.

If you do want to successfully hire on Upwork and Peopleperhour, it’s much better to search for people who have the relevant skills and experience, shortlist them and then test them with some paid work that is deliberately demanding. However, it’s still all too easy to hire a dud.

At Grow we have tested out freelancers form both platforms who have hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews only to be profoundly disappointed.
One of the other problems with freelancer platforms is that they suffer from platform brain drain, because the best freelancers often end up working directly working with clients who originally found them on the platform.

Freelancers prefer to work directly with clients because platforms take over 20% of their earnings!

The Grow Expert Network consists of*

Two WordPress experts.
A recruitment & HR expert.
Two Google Ads experts (one for general Google Ads and one for ecommerce Ads).
A Shopify and conversion rate expert.
A Facebook and Instagram Ads expert.
A 24/7 call answering service.
A graphic designer.
A telemarketing company.
A Google analytics expert.
A Start-Up-Loans delivery partner.
A social media viral growth expert.
A fundraising and crowdfunding expert.
* We are always on the lookout for superstar freelancers who can help our clients.

Some client successes due to The Grow Expert Network

The Facebook Ads agency we recommend is bringing in hundreds of new customers for a number of our clients.

Our ecommerce Google Ads expert has helped one client I work with increase her turnover from £2,000 a month when she first started her Scale-Up Programme to £19,000 a month!

The crowdfunding expert we recommend helped one of our clients raise over £260,000 in a crowdfunding campaign in May 2019.

The recruitment guru that we recommend has hired over a dozen new employees for Grow’s clients and the feedback for her has been fantastic.

The Start-Up Loan expert we recommend helped three of our clients raise £25,000 in Start Up Loans.

Our general Google ads person is bringing in dozens of quality new enquiries for our clients every month.