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In-house Marketing Training

Marketing training delivered at your organisation, centred around the topics you choose

Do you need marketing training at your business, organisation, university or charity? Grow can deliver marketing training and workshops to you, your team or your students. We can design a bespoke course that’s based specifically on your needs – you just tell us which topics you want us to cover.

The marketing training is delivered by Grow’s MD, Alasdair Inglis, who’s an experienced marketing coach and business marketing consultant. He’s taught over a thousand people and worked with more than 100 businesses to improve their marketing.

He’s taught at organisations such as Royal Holloway and Kingston University. He’s also taught on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme at UCL and is the British Library’s resident ‘Ask an Expert’ marketing guru.

Our Approach to Marketing Training

We deliver dynamic training that’s focused on providing practical advice. If you’re a university, this perfectly complements any marketing theory your students might be learning. We aim for participants to come away knowing the specific steps they need to take to market a business successfully today. See what participants say about our courses.

What you’ll get from our marketing training:

  • Thought-provoking graphics
  • Participant interaction
  • Inspirational training, delivered enthusiastically
  • Real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate how to put marketing principles into practice

If you would like to see Alasdair in action, you can take a look at his latest video below.

Alasdair was invited to give his thoughts and tips on e-commerce, for this Grant Thornton video “E-commerce on a shoestring budget”

Training Topics

In-house training can include a wide range of marketing topics, such as:

Need something else? Just let us know what you’d like us to cover and we can design a workshop accordingly.

Glowing Reviews

Participants on our courses give us glowing reviews – read more about what they say.

His open and engaging style ensures that there is lots of interaction and his practical knowledge and real world insights have been greatly valued by participants.

Dave Chapman profile photo

Alasdair Inglis from Grow has taught a number of marketing and sales workshops on UCL's internal and external programmes.

His open and engaging style ensures that there is lots of interaction and learning in his workshops and his practical knowledge and real world insights have been greatly valued by participants resulting in excellent feedback.

Dave Chapman, Vice-Dean for Enterprise UCL Engineering
University College London

Alasdair is a beast, a marketing beast.

Alasdair is a beast, a marketing beast. He is blunt and very honest with his opinion. He will not sugar air it for you. He can extract the best in you, challenge you into giving your business the best of yourself. Very experienced and easy to work with. He is very modest and always open to suggestions. Very well aware of what are the new trends in his field. Excellent mentor. Proud to have worked with him and will always seek guidance through out my journey.

Salma Jawhar

Much better than any other marketing session I’ve ever done

Alasdair ran an excellent session on marketing for our start-up social entrepreneurs, that communicated the basics of marketing in an interactive and practical way.

The participants worked on, and thought about their own businesses throughout the session and left having made some real progress on their own plans for marketing.

The session was fun, interactive, informative and energetic. Alasdair is extremely knowledgeable and brought it to life with lots of practical examples.

A few comments from our participants:
A most practical, thorough and thought provoking session. I loved him!
Very valuable marketing advice. Much better than any other marketing session I’ve ever done
Practical with excellent tools

Angela Miles, Learning Manager
The School for Social Entrepreneurs

Top feedback from us for all of Alasdair’s workshops

Alasdair's workshop was so hands on and practical - He covered lots of different marketing channels and explained everything really clearly.

We learnt things we could actually put in to practice such as email marketing and Facebook advertising. Alasdair showed us how easy and effective they can be.

I was impressed with how Alasdair handled all the questions during the workshop, no matter the sector.

Alasdair also delivered a full day of sales training for us at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub in Beirut and everyone is still raving about it.

Alessio Bortone
UK Lebanon Tech Hub

Alasdair provided intelligent, insightful and constructive feedback. His activities with our students have added much value to their academic experience.

Dr Rachel Doern

I have had the pleasure of working together with Alasdair Inglis and GROW on a specialist Masterclass we designed for our MSc Entrepreneurship students in the School of Management at Royal Holloway, the University of London.

Before the Masterclass, students were required to carry out prior research on one of their business ideas and to complete a detailed marketing audit which was examined by Alasdair who provided intelligent, insightful and constructive personalised feedback. The students really appreciated the practical side of the Masterclass and the advice they received on how to take their business ideas forward. This activity also complemented their existing coursework which focuses on developing a business plan in groups.

Due to the success of the Masterclass, we have brought him back a second time. Alasdair has also been a visiting speaker for our Management undergraduate students. During his talks he has shared with our students his experiences as a serial entrepreneur and in working as a consultant specialising in start-up and small business activities.

The students and I have thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiastic and honest talks about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Overall, his activities with our students have added much value to their academic experience.

Dr. Rachel Doern, Director MSc Entrepreneurship
Royal Holloway University of London

Alasdair helps you see your business from angles you didn't know were visible.

We were introduced to Alasdair at our acceleration cohort at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub. We had about a dozen mentors coaching us on different aspects of business. Most of them lectured AT us while Alasdair talked TO us.

The first thing you notice about Alasdair is his down-to-earth, hands-on approach to business training. There are so many moments in Alasdair's class where you think to yourself "That's brilliant yet to simple, why didn't I think of that before?!" - Well, it's mainly because your mentality was different before the class. Alasdair helps you see your business from angles you didn't know were visible before. He teaches you HOW to think instead of WHAT to think, which makes a massive difference in the amount of knowledge you walk out of his classes with.

The internet is full of information and there are many marketing experts out there. What separates the wheat from the chaff is whether or not a mentor can show you how to apply all the information he's given you directly to your business. Alasdair gives real-life examples, rather than throwing theories at you from a textbook that you're not sure what to do with.

Alasdair asked questions about our companies and encouraged us to ask him questions and get deeply involved in the discussions. That kept ideas moving around the room from the beginning of the class till the very end. People who never usually spoke out in class were actively participating.

Nobody got bored and everyone felt they had learned some valuable techniques and gained deeper insight into their businesses. Instead of running out for a smoke before the mentor even finished turning off the projector - as is usually the case after a class - many people stayed behind to ask even more questions.

His workshops are well-moderated yet with his interactive style of teaching, everybody in the room gets involved. Alasdair diverts from the traditional “passing of information” by making you give examples how these issues affect your own business, then shows how to use the information you've being given to actually improve and grow your business.

Ali Makhzoum

An excellent workshop, delivered by a real expert in the field

Oliver Pinch profile photo

This was an excellent workshop, delivered by a real expert in the field.

The participants were given an engaging class that not only looked at sales strategy but also salesforce management and operations. It asked the group to analyse their own strategies and processes and taught them how to go about applying alternate ones.

A very practical and relevant course for any entrepreneur or leader of an SME.

Oliver Pinch, Training Manager
UCL Advances

Alasdair created an interactive learning environment that kept the attendees enthusiastic for the subject matter

Andre Lecointe-Gayle profile photo

Alasdair delivered a workshop for us as part of our Business support program to London based Creative and Digital SMEs.

From the start of the day, right until the end, Alastair created an interactive learning environment that kept the attendees enthusiastic for the subject matter. He achieved this through his informative and engaging delivery style.

Feedback from the attendees has been great. Many of them have reported measurable change in their businesses since attending the workshop.

I would highly recommend Alasdair both for his real world practical knowledge and insights and his overall theoretical knowledge and understanding of Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Andre Lecointe-Gayle
London Fusion

Alasdair got our business straight away and was able to give us tons of advice.

Vladimira Teskova profile photo

I met Alasdair at the IdeaLondon startup programme, where he was an advisor. He took the time to understand our business before the session. I was actually surprised at just how prepared Alasdair was.

At the time, we were struggling as almost no one could understand what we were trying to achieve. I was so shocked that Alasdair got our business straight away and was able to give us tons of advice. Alasdair advised us on specific software to use, and even showed us how it worked and why we should be using it.

I was lucky to personally spend a few hours with Alasdair. He gave us practical advice, not like some companies and advisors just come in and say what they think you should be doing, with little reasoning. Alasdair told us what he thought we needed to do and had lots of reasons why, based on his own practical experience.

Vladimira Teskova

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