Hiring Masterclass


The 6 step process for hiring superstars for your business

If you’re fed up with hiring the wrong people and the knock-on effects on your business, you should attend this workshop!

Once and for all, learn the right way to hire people with a tried and tested 6 step process from one of the UK’s leading small business recruitment experts.

If you hire a new team member with a salary of £26,000 and they’re a bad hire, it will cost you more than their salary, once you include recruitment fees, national insurance, pension, training time, company car, sickness, rehiring costs and office space and equipment.

This cost does not include the stress and disruption that a poor hire will have on you and your business – a poor hire can easily put your business growth back 3-6 months.

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The Hiring Masterclass is delivered at The British Library Business & IP Centre which provides some of the best resources and training for small businesses in the UK.

Here are the 7 key challenges you will face when hiring great staff:

  1. If you’ve ever hired someone in a rush, without a proper hiring process you’ll know this reduces the chances of you hiring the right person. Running a rushed hiring process is a warning sign that you’re not doing things properly. Panic-buying when it comes to hiring is a recipe for failure.
  2. The web has changed hiring! The rapid growth of online hiring platforms and search tools, where you can find amazing candidate has changed everything! Not knowing the best places to advertise your roles is an expensive mistake that’s easily fixed with some basic knowledge.
  3. Relying on recruitment agencies does not a guarantee a great hire every time. Even with a brilliant recruiter, it’s crucial to not look the other way during the hiring process and to make sure you are actively involved.
  4. Too many business owners assume that a proper hiring process consists of assessing CV’s, doing interviews and then offering the job, or the triangle of truth as it’s known – however, nothing could be further from the truth of what actually works.
  5. Do you get bowled over by a fantastic looking CV, which may have been written by a CV writing expert?  It’s crucial to get other information about applicants in your recruitment process.  You should be asking for a covering letter, why people want to work for you rather than someone else, what makes them tick and of course, references.
  6. It’s crucial to create your OWN hiring systems and processes in your business that support all your hiring efforts, whether you hire in-house or use a recruiter. If you’re hiring and you skip the referencing, the half day office trial, the team lunch, the assessments,  testing and your gut feeling, you’re risking making a bad hire.
  7. For too many business owners, the problems start after a job offer has been accepted by a candidate and even before their first day on the job! Many more issues can still develop if you don’t effectively manage a new recruit from their first day to the end of their probationary period.

Book Your Place to Learn how to Hire Superstar People:

Where: The British Library Business and IP Centre, near King’s Cross
When: Monday November 26th
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Cost: £48
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Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

All our Workshops are held at The British Library, London.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the 6 Step Process to Hiring Superstars for your business, developed by Helen Sanders of Your People Partners.

Step 1. Laying strong foundations – the backbone of your successful hiring process

Learn the crucial difference between a job description, which describes a job role and a job advert, which is all about attracting the right candidates.

After this workshop, you’ll never write another generic job description, and you’ll learn a simple way to analyse exactly who you need for your roles.

We’ll use real-life examples of job adverts and job descriptions and you’ll learn how to write an AMAZING job advert that attracts the right candidates for your business.

Step 2. Supercharge your employer brand – and start attracting better candidates

Discover how to pitch your organisation and the career opportunity to potential candidates. Using real-life examples, we’ll show you how to craft your company story in a way that attracts people who are excited to work for you.

Helen will share 5 easy hacks to position yourself as a fantastic place to work that will dramatically improve your employer brand.

Marketing Masterclass - Lord Bilmoria

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer

Step 3. Learn The Smart-Screening System – and instantly spot the best candidates

Using real-life CV’s and working in groups your CV skills will be put to the test!

Learn to spot red flags and green flags when looking at CV’s and you will see how an over-reliance on CV’s can undermine your entire hiring process.

Helen will show you the 5 key things apart from CV’s you can use to really get to know your candidates. You will get real-life examples of phone screening scripts, video interviews, tailored covering letters, tests and email and text communications during hiring.

Step 4. The ultimate interview checklist – everything you need to know to do your interviews properly

Interviews are a key part of most hiring processes so you must do them properly. You’ll learn how to structure your interviews, what 7 questions you MUST always ask, why timing is important and why you should never offer the job at an interview.

We will show you how to respond the right way after a great interview to further reduce your risk of making a poor hire. Your interview checklist will be in your bound 35-page workbook, so it will always be at hand.

Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

Workshop in progress at The British Library

Step 5. Testing – The secret ingredient to effective hiring

All the experts say to hire attitude over skills and while this is true, the right tests can REALLY help you hire better. If you only rely on interviews, and maybe a covering letter, you will end up hiring the person who interviews best, not the person who will perform best.

There are plenty of tests which can be easily implemented to reduce your reliance on interviews. During this masterclass, you will get examples of the most important hiring tests and learn which tests you must use in your business. You will get examples of written tests, team day trial tests, role-based tests, psychometric testing,  and competency tests. Implementing the right tests for your business is a game changer.

Step 6. Avoid falling at the final hurdle – Learn the 5 rules of successful onboarding

It’s common to be bowled over by someone at an interview, offer them the job and then end up not hiring them! There are numerous pitfalls between when you offer someone a job and them actually starting and staying with you. You will learn the rules of successful onboarding which are:

1 The right way to Negotiate a salary and package

2 How to easily get your contracts signed and avoid future issues

3 How to organise the first day, week and month of work to make the right impression

4 Creating a proven probationary period process

5 Having a buddy system for growing teams

You’ll learn that it’s crucial not to be complacent once your new employee has started and that onboarding properly is the not-so-secret path to long-term hiring success and retention.


Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

The BIPC Centre is a great place for small business owners to network.


  • Every attendee gets a 30-page wire-bound page Hiring Masterclass workbook!Each workbook is packed with real-life examples of CV’s, job descriptions, job adverts, templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions, practical info, exercises, your hiring action plan and space to make notes!
  •  You’ll be given time to create your own hiring checklist, your employer brand template and hiring action plan. You’ll leave the masterclass with an absolute minimum of 10 practical steps that will fix your hiring process forever!
  • Please ask questions at any point during the masterclass. We always have valuable discussions and there will be lots of personal input from Helen Sanders, your masterclass leader, on your hiring challenges and opportunities.

About Your Masterclass Leader:

Helen Sanders has successfully hired for over 280 entrepreneurs, including startups, VC funded high growth companies and corporates. Her experience of hiring for both SME’s and larger companies such as Orange, M&S, Intel, Hewlett Packard and SAP means she brings a deep depth of knowledge and practical advice to her teaching.

Book Your Place to Learn how to Hire Superstar People:

Where: The British Library Business and IP Centre, near King’s Cross
When: Monday November 26th
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Cost: £48
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Who should attend?

This hiring masterclass is a must for established entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone wanting to sort out how they hire once and for all! The 6 step hiring process you’ll learn is relevant if you’re growing your team or if you are just starting to hire people.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs,  you won’t have learnt the secrets of how to hire well!!! This masterclass is an amazing opportunity to learn with one of the UK’s top small business hiring experts.

Will there be death by PowerPoint?

Absolutely not, we promise! There will be exercises with other entrepreneurs, lots of on-the-spot feedback from Helen and a hopefully few laughs. Helen will share as many practical examples as she possibly can during the workshop.

There is space to make notes in your 35-page workbook and you can refer to everything we cover at a later date. You will be sent all the slides after the workshops as a pdf.

Where is the masterclass?

The masterclass is held at The British Library Business and IP Centre, located on the 1st floor of The British Library. It’s a 5-minute walk from King’s Cross rail and underground station. The Piccadilly line, Victoria line, Northern line, Circle line and Metropolitan line all run to King’s Cross

Can I get an invoice?

Right after you book, you will be emailed an invoice from Eventbrite, our booking system with the masterclass details and payment info. This invoice is all you require for your records. Please note that this invoice email occasionally gets caught in spam.

Do I need to bring my ticket?

You do not need to bring printed tickets or show us your ticket on your phone. Your details will be on our sign-in sheet at The British Library Business and IP Centre reception (one less thing to worry about!).

What is your refund policy?

If you attend the hiring masterclass and you’re not absolutely delighted with it, we offer a 100% no quibble guarantee for 100 days. We do not offer refunds to people who do not attend as the masterclass usually sells out.

How do I get to The British Library from King’s Cross Station?