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Sales Strategy Workshops

Learn the fundamentals of developing a sales strategy that will grow your list of leads and boost your sales

Do you need sales training at your business, organisation, university or charity? Grow can deliver sales strategy training and workshops directly to you, your team or your students.

The sales strategy training is delivered by Grow’s MD, Alasdair Inglis, who’s an experienced marketing coach and business marketing consultant. He’s taught over a thousand people and worked with more than 100 businesses to improve their marketing.

He’s taught at organisations such as Royal Holloway and Kingston University. He’s also taught on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme and is the British Library’s resident ‘Ask an Expert’ marketing guru.

Our Approach to Sales Strategy Training

Our sales strategy workshop is the perfect way to learn the crucial sales know-how that will bring money into your organisation. If you’re a university, this perfectly complements any sales theory and practice your students might be learning. Participants will come away with practical knowledge in the key areas of sales strategy, in order to gain a competitive advantage.

What you’ll get from our sales strategy training:

  • Thought-provoking graphics
  • Participant interaction
  • Inspirational training, delivered enthusiastically
  • Real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate how to put sales principles into practice

What You’ll Learn From This Workshop

  • The crucial steps you need to know to close as many sales as possible
  • Why identifying your ideal market can be the difference between success and failure for your business
  • How to create a truly compelling customer value proposition
  • How to train your salespeople to boost sales and increase your business’s profits
  • How to identify promising leads and opportunities, so you can focus your efforts where they really count
  • Why your business MUST have a Customer Relationship Management system – and how to use one effectively to boost sales
  • How understanding your customer journey funnel is crucial to sales success
  • How to research leads and customers, so that you are always prepared and in the best possible position to make the sale
  • Master one of the most difficult aspects of selling – how to deal with objections
  • Hiring sales staff who can really sell
  • as well as much, much more …

Glowing Reviews

Participants on our courses give us glowing reviews – read more about what they say.


About Grow

Grow have been helping small businesses turn their sales and marketing efforts into increased profits for over a decade. We’ve worked with over 100 businesses to improve their sales and marketing and boost sales. Well over 1,000 business owners and entrepreneurs have benefited from our sales and marketing workshops.

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