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Marketing Masterclass

Increase sales from £214,000 to £608,000 and profits by 50% by learning the same strategies Grow uses with clients, without spending a fortune!


Disclaimer: Results not typical, and every market is different, so we can’t promise you’ll have the same results! – But you can see our clients’ success stories on our testimonials page.

Digital Marketing Courses

The masterclass is delivered at The British Library Business & IP Centre which provides some of the best resources and training for small businesses in the UK.

  • You’re probably overwhelmed by the hundreds or so ways you can market your business.
  • Maybe you don’t know where to start?
  • Maybe you don’t test new marketing strategies because you are blinded by all the options.

Sadly, it’s all too easy to try out random marketing approaches and throw your marketing budget down the drain. Every month, we talk with entrepreneurs who’ve wasted money on marketing that doesn’t work and it makes us upset.

Marketing Masterclass - Dragons Den

Nick Jenkins from Dragons Den, panellist at The British Library’s event

Whether you’re an established business or a start-up, your problems are still the same:

  • What are the most effective marketing strategies to get new clients for YOUR business?
  • Which marketing methods will suck your marketing budget and leave your bank account empty?

If you’re established and looking to scale, you have to find your “marketing goldmine”, which are two or three marketing methods that consistently bring in new sales without blowing your budget.

If you’re a start-up, you need to find the best marketing strategy to get new customers for your business and you need to do it fast!

You don’t have the overview of all the different marketing methods available to small businesses like a marketing expert or strategist does, and that’s normal!

Marketing Masterclass - Levi Roots

Levi Roots performs at The British Library

Book Your Place and Invest in Your Marketing:

Where: The British Library Business and IP Centre, near Kings Cross
Time: 2 pm to 6 pm
Cost: £98 (plus EventBrite booking fee)
Click the dropdown menu to see all the upcoming dates
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  • Enter the code “seventy” to claim your £70 discount


Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

All our Marketing Workshops are held at The British Library, London.

1. Address the key problems your customers face

You’ll increase new business inquiries by understanding and addressing the most important problems and frustrations your customers face.

Hint: This is usually not what you think! The way you write your website and sales copy will change forever after understanding this key principle. Prospective customers will feel that you really understand them, creating a personal connection, more trust and therefore more enquiries.

2. Nail down the key benefits that your customers value

Working with other entrepreneurs in the room, you’ll translate the features of your business into benefits that your customers value.

Clearly explaining the benefits of what you offer to your customers forms the foundation of your website, your email marketing, and your social media strategy.

Many entrepreneurs who do this exercise get breakthrough insights into the real benefits they offer to their customers. Grow used this approach to help create benefit-driven web pages for a personal development business, increasing new enquiries by 1,500%.

Marketing Masterclass - Deborah Meaden

Famous entrepreneurs at The British Library, including Deborah Meadham

3. Transform your business by effectively targeting your ideal customers

You’ll use Grow’s Target Market Assessment Tool to identify your ideal customers.

We’ve developed this tool from 12 years of working with successful entrepreneurs.

Afterwards, you can focus your marketing efforts on your ideal customers. You’ll immediately get better results from your marketing spend and stop wasting time marketing to nightmare clients and time-wasters!

We used this assessment tool while teaching on The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme. When it was time for a tea break nobody went – they were too busy using the Target Market Assessment Tool.

4. Create an incredibly attractive value proposition

Attract your ideal customers with an incredible value proposition, using Grow’s Value Proposition Creation Tool.

Having a killer value proposition means that more leads become paying clients because you’ve included everything that’s important to them in your marketing. If you are spending money on getting website traffic you MUST have a fantastic value proposition.

Marketing Masterclass - Lord Bilmoria

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer

5. Improve the journey your customers take and make more sales

Learn how to map out the customer journey of your clients using a Harvard University methodology and make on-the-spot improvements to your customers experience of buying from you.

Most businesses have gaps in their customer’s journey from a new inquiry to a sale. You’ll identify these gaps during the masterclass so you’ll stop losing sales you should have made.

After the masterclass, one of our clients created a 20-page downloadable eBook and email follow-up sequence. Their customers now take less time to purchase and they get fewer objections due to price.

6. Learn how to get great testimonials from your happiest customers

Learn from the success of companies like TripAdvisor and Amazon whose businesses are dependent on customer recommendations.

In your workbook, you’ll get the template we use at Grow that consistently gets us great client testimonials. You can fine tune the template and get great testimonials from your customers to use on your website, email marketing and social media.

Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

The British Library is a great place to network

7. Make as much revenue as possible from every customer

Learn how to analyse and improve your product funnel – an entrepreneurial marketing approach ensuring that for every customer, you maximise the revenue you make from them in their lifetime. Having a great product funnel is the key to building a sustainable business that is able to grow and scale.

We helped a training organisation raise its prices consistently and increase cross selling – they’ve tripled their turnover in 3 years!

8. Learn how to create irresistible offers to attract new customers

We share examples of irresistible offers that get new customers to buy your products and services. We teach 7 proven techniques to create special offers that new customers literally can’t resist.

A dance school we worked with built their entire business on a simple irresistible offer that we’ll share with you.

Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

Workshop in progress at The British Library

9. Increase sales and inquiries with some simple changes to your website

Get traffic that is virtually free once you understand the basics of online marketing, SEO, and the 7 simple things you MUST have on your website that will dramatically increase new inquiries and sales.

Learn the 3 easy improvements you can make to your website’s call-to-actions to increase business inquiries.

10. Learn easy ways to get new clients

We’ll cover the beating heart of marketing: lead generation strategy.

You will learn several tried and tested lead generation strategies that get results for 90% of small business owners. You will learn Grow’s approach to generating new business so you can create your own marketing goldmine.

11. Learn how to hire great people so you can focus on growing your business

We will share war stories and best practice about how to successfully delegate your admin and marketing by hiring amazing freelancers and part-time staff – and most importantly how to avoid hiring duds.

Far too many entrepreneurs get so bogged down in operations and admin that they never have time to execute their marketing properly. If you cannot escape this treadmill you cannot grow your business.

Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

Workrooms at The British Library

Grow’s has part-time team members in Kenya, Manchester, South Africa, Wales, Ukraine and France. After our first session, a husband and wife team quickly got part-time admin support, enabling more time for high-value business development and marketing – they won multiple contracts as a result of having more time to do business development and marketing.


  • You’ll get your own bound 23-page Marketing Masterclass workbook, packed with practical information, templates, step-by-step instructions, bonus content, exercises, your marketing action plan and space to make notes. Past attendees regularly tell us they still refer to their workbook 3 years later!
  • You will get time to create your own marketing action plan and you will leave the masterclass with an absolute minimum of 10 practical steps to improve your marketing immediately!
  • You can ask questions at any point during the masterclass. We always have valuable discussions and there’s lots of personal input from Alasdair, your masterclass leader, on your business.

About Your Masterclass Leader:

  • Alasdair Inglis has taught marketing to over 3,000 entrepreneurs.
  • His Marketing Masterclass is very similar to what he has delivered to entrepreneurs on The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business programme at UCL.
  • Alasdair also teaches Marketing Masterclasses at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London – home of the UK’s most successful social entrepreneurs.
Marketing Masterclass - The British Library

The BIPC Centre is a great place for small business owners to network.

This was the best and most concise workshop I have ever done

Greg Gillespie profile photo

This was the best and most concise workshop I have ever done. Having attended a number of similar seminars, I was amazed by just how good this workshop was. Not only was the information taught at the perfect pace and in an informal way, so that all of the attendees could understand what was being discussed, it gave a clear structure and approach to marketing a small business.

Everyone seemed to get a lot out of it and I was extremely impressed with the content and practical advice it gave about marketing. I would recommend it to any business owner looking to give their business a boost.

Greg Gillespie
The London Academy Of Dance

The workshop felt bespoke and tailored, not laboured and reproduced content

Kate Andrews profile photo

Alasdair was an excellent presenter and I really valued his use of examples from people within the room. The workshop felt bespoke and tailored, not laboured and reproduced content.

Kate Andrews
Loco2 Ltd

Down to earth, practical advice

Mark Ridsdill profile photo

Down to earth, practical advice, tailored to small business. Perfect pitch.

Mark Ridsdill-Smith
Vertical Veg

This is the first workshop that I’ve attended where I actually feel like I’ve gained a huge amount of info

Saboohi Bukhari profile photo

The workshop was very thorough and we covered a huge amount. The trainer was also very passionate about his subject. This is the first workshop that I’ve attended where I actually feel like I’ve gained a huge amount of info.

 The workbook was great, and I found it very valuable.

Saboohi Bukhari
The Advocacy Project

A lot of things Alasdair said struck a chord with me – he is knowledgeable and dynamic

Emma Taggart profile photo

The workshop was excellent and a lot of things Alasdair said struck a chord with me – he is knowledgeable and dynamic.

We covered a huge amount of content and yet Alasdair managed to keep energy levels high.

Emma Taggart
Emma Taggart

Book Your Place and Invest in Your Marketing:

Where: The British Library Business and IP Centre, near Kings Cross
Time: 2 pm to 6 pm
Cost: £98 (plus EventBrite booking fee)
Click the dropdown menu to see all the upcoming dates
  • Click Select a Date
  • Enter the code “seventy” to claim your £70 discount

Hop onto Google and you’ll find that a full-day marketing workshop in London costs about £500 and a half-day costs about £250 and it won’t come with a bound workbook!
The proven marketing strategies you’ll learn have been used by attendees and our clients to add tens of thousands in additional revenues.


Will it be death by PowerPoint?

Absolutely not, we promise! There will be exercises with other entrepreneurs, group feedback, lots of on-the-spot feedback from Alasdair and a few laughs. Most of the masterclass slides are images. There is space to make notes in your workbook so you can refer to everything we cover at a later date.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is a must for established entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone wanting grounding in marketing. The marketing strategies covered are relevant if you sell to consumers or businesses and if you sell services or products. If you are like most entrepreneurs you probably haven’t studied marketing. This masterclass is an incredible opportunity to learn with one of the UK’s top small business marketing expert.

When does the marketing masterclass run?

The marketing masterclass runs every month on different dates from 2 pm – 6 pm. The masterclass starts promptly at 2 pm so please don’t be late.

Where is the masterclass?

The British Library Business and IP Centre, located on the 1st floor of The British Library. It’s a 5-minute walk from King’s Cross rail and underground station. The Piccadilly line, Victoria line, Northern line, Circle line and Metropolitan line all run to King’s Cross

Can I get an invoice?

Right after you book you will be emailed a PDF invoice from EventBrite, our booking system with the masterclass details and payment info. This invoice is all you require for your tax and VAT records. Please note that this email occasionally gets caught in spam.

Do I need to bring my ticket?

You do not need to bring printed tickets or show us your ticket on your phone. Your name(s) will be on our sign-in sheet at The British Library Business and IP Centre reception (one less thing to worry about!).

Do you have a refund policy?

If you attend the marketing masterclass and you’re not absolutely delighted with it, we offer a 100% no quibble guarantee for 180 days. We do not offer refunds to people who do not attend as the masterclass is often sold out.

Where is the workshop?

The British Library Business and IP Centre is 5-minute walk from Kings Cross railway and underground station. The Piccadilly, Victoria, Northern and Circle lines all run there.