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Charities, Social Enterprises & Non-Profits

Does your charity struggle with marketing? Does your social enterprise need to generate more income? Grow are here to help

Social enterprises

With funding in the UK becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, charities, social enterprises and non-profits need to market themselves better than ever before. They also need to think about how they can generate more income from other sources.

You might be doing wonderful work, but if you rely on funding, your organisation might not be able to sustain itself in the long term. Grow can help you secure your organisation’s future so that you can continue, unimpeded, with your important work.

Many charities find marketing difficult because they don’t have the necessary skills in-house. Grow can provide all the marketing support you need. We like using our marketing know-how for good, and we’re willing to give special rates to charities.

Some of the rather nice organisations we’ve already worked with are:

Grow have more than a decade of marketing experience and have worked with more than a hundred businesses. We are experts in non-profit marketing and non-profit development. Find out what our clients say about working with us.

How We Can Help

Through our marketing consultancy service, we can work with you on your marketing strategy and design a marketing plan that you can put into action immediately. We can also look at your business model and help you identify products and services you can sell to generate more income.

Choosing a marketing consultant can be tricky, so to find out more about Grow before you hire us, come along to one of our marketing workshops at the British Library. These are a great way for you to meet us and get a feel for how we work. We’ll also be able to tell you whether we’re the right people to help you with your marketing.

The workshops are full of applicable, no-nonsense advice and will teach you insider knowledge on both on and offline marketing. You’ll also get a workbook packed with tips and tools that you can put to use straight away.

If you need marketing training that is tailored to your organisation, we can design an In-house Marketing Workshop that targets the areas of marketing you need particular help with.

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