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business reports

There are a lot of people who start a small business without comprehending that some of the background work is similar to that of a large business, particularly reporting. While small businesses usually lack shareholders and a board of directors, ... [Read more]

Testimonial Template

Testimonials have been a cornerstone of marketing since… before it was even called marketing! Having an individual or organisation evangelising about your product or service can be the very thing some customers need in order to convert. Think about ... [Read more]

Pricing Strategies

Powerful Pricing Strategies Despite being one of the cornerstones of any successful marketing strategy, pricing often gets overlooked when small businesses are getting set up. Even when thought and research are put into pricing strategies, many ... [Read more]

pr tips

My name is Mike Peake and I have been a journalist for more than 25 years, the past eight years of which have been as a freelancer. I work for a multitude of consumer magazines and, from time to time, the UK’s main broadsheets. As a result, I’m in a ... [Read more]

Free Gifts - Adwords Tips

The first rule of economics is that by restricting supply, you can boost demand. This key idea can be applied not just to your products and services but also to your offers, in order to make them even more attractive to potential customers. Here ... [Read more]

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese developed a style of management that survives to this day, and is helping China become a global power during a time of economic crisis. So just what is the Chinese management style? And how does ancient Chinese ... [Read more]

Whether you’re a micro-business, an established brand or just someone with the beginnings of a great idea, it pays to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Through competitor analysis, you can future-proof your business and anticipate ... [Read more]