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About Alasdair:

Alasdair Inglis is the Managing Director of Grow, which delivers sales and marketing consultancy and training for fast growth SMEs, universities and business programmes. For over 12 years, he’s worked with over 200 fast growth businesses to transform their results.

He is the current Marketing Expert in Residence at the British Library, where he also teaches a monthly Online Marketing Masterclass.

He’s taught sales and marketing workshops on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme at UCL, as well as teaching marketing and sales internationally at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub in Beirut.

Alasdair’s passion for working with small businesses stems from his childhood in the west coast of Scotland, where his family ran restaurants, a working farm and self-catering.


Grow’s marketing consultancy gets remarkable results.

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Our revenue increased by 50% after 6 months of working with Grow

Before working with Grow, we were facing a couple of issues:

- We needed clarity. We needed to understand who our customers were, what customer segments we wanted to target, how to target them and talk to them, and what it was that we were marketing exactly.
- We also wanted to understand what our best pricing options were.

The impact of our lack of clarity was that we didn’t know how to increase our profits. No clarity also meant that we had no direction. We didn’t know what we were trying to achieve, where to focus our resources, efforts, time and money which is really key when you’re a small business. It’s about economy and using resources wisely.

I went to a workshop at The British Library led by Alasdair. I had been to many workshops before but found that Alasdair’s workshop was by far the best. It was very practical. Alasdair had a very clear understanding of how small businesses operate and what they need. It wasn’t an academic workshop that was detached from the real world of small businesses.

I then had a chat with Alasdair and realised that we could really use his help.

Alasdair clarified things for us. He gave us a sense of direction and clear advice. We knew we had something to work with, a clear action plan.

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve worked with Alasdair and we still refer to his notes now.

We enjoyed working with Grow because Alasdair is very good at what he does. He really understands small businesses. He is practical, he practices what he preaches. He’s very clear, very supportive and he is a very nice guy.

I also liked that the fact that we could go to him and bounce ideas. Alasdair understands the big picture and his advice goes beyond marketing.

Greg Gillespie
The London Academy of Dance

Revenue up by 81% and profits up by 133%

In the 1st full year working together revenue has grown 81%, profit by 133% and costs are down by 20%.

Within 20 minutes of our 1st session, Alasdair identified the root cause of the problem.
Over the next 2 sessions with him, we built a robust and actionable plan for growth, that we then implemented. Those actions had and continue to have an immediate effect.

Perhaps equally importantly, Alasdair has provided an understanding and framework which means that all future changes can be bench-marked against our goals.

He's an interesting guy and works at your pace. He also will push and prod you, which may be uncomfortable to experience in the moment and comes from a good place, as he wants to and does help you get good results.
Use him!

James Mallinson
Fix My Mind

Alasdair's advice was inspiring, creative and absolutely vital

Naomi Marek

We first met Alasdair as a guest lecturer at the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Before we worked with Alasdair, we were doing good work and winning lots of awards but we really didn’t have a clue how to develop our financial sustainability within the online community.

At the British Library Business And IP Centre, we gathered our social media manager, web-team and CEO who worked closely with Alasdair to build our online funding and engagement strategies. His advice was inspiring, creative and absolutely vital. Now, one year on and we're only half way through his to-do list….and boy, is it working!

As a result of us working with Alasdair, we have completely restructured our funding and monetisation strategy, developed new pop ups, redesigned our communications and branding and most importantly, found a new energy going forward. We still have lots to do but I can be sure that no other expert has had more impact on our growth and sustainability.

Thanks to Alasdair, Sky Badger has just been named a finalist in the Tech4Good Awards. We now reach over 1,000 families every day and since 2012 have helped over 1 million families struggling to find help for their disabled children.

Thank you, Alasdair. You’re Sky Badger’s marketing genius!

Naomi Marek
Sky Badger

Sky Badger are an award winning charity

Sky Badger have won numerous awards and accreditations to date including The School for Social Entrepreneurs Scale Up Award 2015, gold winners of The Milton Keynes Digital Awards 2015 and The Guardian Charity Awards 2014.