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Alasdair helped set us up for the consistent future growth that we wanted

I found Grow’s website while researching a problem I had with keyword analysis using Google Analytics.

I came across a blog written by Alasdair which I thought was good, leading me to Grow’s website.

I was interested in their work and decided to attend one of Grow’s workshops where I met Alasdair and spoke with him about our business.

Subsequently we decided to work with Grow and have Alasdair help us.

We wanted to grow the business, and knew that we needed some practical guidance; including improved online lead generation.

Alasdair’s help with lead generation and email marketing was eye opening.

Now month by month we are consistently receiving significantly more leads from our website and email marketing.

Alasdair helped set us up for the consistent future growth that we wanted, as well as helping us build the team that we needed.

The work that we did together was so fundamental it has changed everything.

We wanted to grow our business by laying the foundations for strong future growth. Alasdair’s work with us has ensured this.

We now anticipate significant growth that will far outweigh the very impressive short-term gains that we have already made as a result of this work.

Most importantly we had a lot of fun together while doing the necessary planning and brainstorming.

Thank you so much.


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