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I came away from our meeting with a list of no less than 22 action points.

I felt a certain amount of trepidation in signing up for a session with Alasdair for Platform505. As an online women’s magazine, we are a virtual, content based business and I was concerned that he would not really “get” us or our drivers.

I had also ramped up the pressure by saying that I wanted a no-holds barred brainstorm around our business as a whole, including presentation of the website and possible avenues for diversification and monetisation.

I knew that was an awful lot to ask, but I have to say Alasdair rose to the occasion magnificently. I came away from our meeting with a list of no less than twenty-two action points covering everything from the presentation of the site to e-marketing and monetising to a major diversification option. I also came away enthused and with a real sense of what was possible for our business.

Our meeting was absolutely worth the investment in time and money. I would recommend Alasdair to any business owner who is looking for real, value-added marketing input.


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