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Our online turnover p.a. increased by 50%.

Personal Touch Fitness were exploring ways to expand the business and needed advice regarding sales and marketing techniques and options.

We chose to work with Grow based on the recommendations that we had heard.

Working with Grow gave us a number of options to expand our network, improve our client relationship management, and to keep contacting customers until we got a definite Yes or No.

Since then, PTF have been successful in managing a customer pipeline with new clients coming in and new business being created.

Alasdair is easy and informal to work with which suited PTF. We were in the infancy stages of developing a Sales and Marketing strategy and the ideas that came out of the brainstorming sessions have proved useful.

Our client base has grown. We added many new smaller clients on top of the 3 to 4 main clients we had before. We can now offer a wider range of services and have an integrated online booking system to manage all appointments. As a result, we estimate that our online turnover p.a. increased by 50%.


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