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Our turnover went from £214,000 to £608,000 after working with Grow

When we met Alasdair, our turnover was approximately £214,000. After working with Grow, our turnover was around £608,000.

Before we started to work with Grow, we were a new company who wanted to market our business and products. Our goals were to increase the awareness of our brand and increase sales but as we had no background in marketing, we didn’t really know what approach to take. We had no marketing strategy in place.

I attended one of Grow’s workshops at The British Library taught by Alasdair. I asked a couple of questions during the workshop and then Alasdair and I had a brief chat afterwards; he suggested having a meeting to see how he could help us.

Alasdair helped us address our issues. He made us analyse our brand and identify who our customers are. He made us more focused and targeted. He also made us brainstorm on the product range we can offer and helped us put together a strategy which we refined each time we had a session with him. Alasdair really challenged our pre-conceptions and helped us think and brainstorm to identify new areas of growth and new marketing plans.

We enjoy working with Grow because Alasdair has a great personality. He is always fun and entertaining. We also like the collaborative process during the sessions. But we always leave the session with an action plan and work to do on our end. Alasdair doesn’t expect that he will do the work for us. It’s really up to us.


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