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After working with Grow for 2 years, we increased our online monthly turnover from £400 to £60K

As a successful health products distributor, we wanted to move into selling products online. However, we didn’t have the experience or the knowledge.

We didn’t know how to do it and we had no clear strategy.

We heard about Alasdair and Grow by word-of-mouth. We then attended a Grow workshop at The British Library. We were impressed by Alasdair and we decided to work with him. We liked working with Alasdair because he is straight to the point, no BS. He brought a lot of expertise. He knows what he’s talking about.

Grow helped us to come up with a clear marketing strategy and supported us in finding the right talent to implement the strategy.

Following Alasdair’s advice, we launched our online business by selling our products on Amazon. With the revenues we made, we were then able to launch our own website.

When we started working with Grow, we were turning over £400 a month online. Two years later, we’re turning over £60,000 a month.



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