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Digital Marketing Courses


Learn digital marketing strategies that have increased turnover by £200,000 and profits by 133% within a year, without throwing your money away.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Disclaimer: Results not typical, and every market is different, so we can’t promise you’ll have the same results! But you can see our clients’ success stories on our testimonials page.

Digital Marketing CoursesThe masterclass is delivered in partnership with The British Library Business & IP Centre which provides some of the best resources and professional training for small businesses in the UK.

Digital Marketing Courses - The British Library

All our Marketing Workshops are delivered in partnership with The British Library, London

Digital marketing is one of the biggest minefields you face as a small business owner.

  • You can lose all your rankings overnight just because Google suddenly decided the strategy you’ve used is now considered “Black Hat” – even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong. In September 2015, three business owners we spoke to and who outsourced their SEO work abroad, lost all their page one Google rankings suddenly due to one of Google’s regular SEO updates.
  • There’s no shortage of “here today, gone tomorrow” digital marketing strategies: They are promoted by internet marketers and “experts” who can simply move onto a new project when their unsustainable strategies eventually fail. It seems like every week there’s a new digital marketing strategy you must implement, whether it’s a new social media platform or a random digital marketing strategy that someone has made their fortune with.
  • You don’t have the time and budget to test methods that are going to fail: As a small business owner, you are passionate about your products, your services, and your customers. You want to grow your business and help more people. You just can’t crash and burn your business with bad internet marketing and simply move on to the next thing. Playing around with random marketing strategies like posting a few tweets, getting Facebook likes and doing a blog once a month won’t grow your business.
  • The stakes couldn’t be higher: You need to find the digital marketing strategies that work for YOUR business.
Digital Marketing Courses - The British Library

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden poses for photo at The BIPC Centre, British Library

To be clear, there ARE digital marketing strategies that consistently work well. The rule of successful marketing is to find and prioritise the strategies that work best. Your problem is that you’re not sure what they are. You don’t understand how digital marketing works and you’re overwhelmed by all the options. That’s okay, we get it. You have plenty of other things in your business to take care of!

  • But ignorance isn’t bliss. It can destroy your business. If you’re a start-up looking to gain traction or an established business looking to scale, you have no choice but to understand digital marketing.

During this professional masterclass, you will learn only the tried and tested marketing strategies that Grow has used with over 150 consultancy clients. These professional digital marketing strategies work today, will work next year and will work in the future because they are safe, proven and incredibly effective.

One of our clients has used these strategies to make £25,000 in ticket sales in a six-month period and we use the same strategies to get nearly 10,000 unique website visitors a month.

Digital Marketing Courses - Levi Roots

Levi Roots from Reggae Reggae Foods visits The BIPC Centre at The British Library

Invest in Your Marketing, Book Your Place Now:

Where: Webinar on Zoom

Cost: Free

Click here to visit the Reset: restart program page and scroll down to find the webinar called ‘Reset. Restart: your digital marketing – Part 1’ [as pictured in screenshot below]



1. Inbound marketing – what it is and why it’s so important

To be successful in digital marketing you must understand the bigger picture. Obsessing with website traffic alone will not make you successful. You need to convert traffic into paying customers. Are you doing everything possible to convert each website visitor into a sale or a business enquiry?

During this masterclass, you will learn every element of the inbound marketing funnel and how to apply it to YOUR business. You will be able to make immediate improvements to your online marketing and focus on attracting more website visitors, converting them into enquiries, closing those enquiries and getting your fans to refer you more business.

You will get highly detailed examples of the inbound marketing funnel in your workbook.

Digital Marketing Courses - Dragons Den

Nick Jenkins from Dragons Den, panellist at The British Library’s event

2. Email marketing best practice

Although email marketing is an incredibly cheap and effective marketing strategy, it takes time and thought to do it well. You’ll use Grow’s Email Marketing Assessment Tool with the other entrepreneurs in the room to analyse and improve your email marketing results.

We will share 7 proven email marketing hacks so your email marketing gets opened, gets sales, and becomes the cornerstone of your marketing strategy that it deserves to be.

A Grow client used one of our email hacks and sold over £2,500 of products with only one email. Another client created a 4-step email marketing campaign with our help and sold an extra 15% of products during the Xmas period.

Digital Marketing Courses - Cobra Beer

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer

3. SEO and keyword research

If you are confused by SEO, you’re not alone. Should you outsource your SEO at low cost? What SEO activities should you be doing that are future- proofed? Should you even bother with SEO at all?

We promise that after the masterclass, you will know the answers to all these questions. You will understand the opportunities and hazards of SEO. You will learn that there are only 3 key things you need to do for long-term SEO success and staying on page one of Google.

We will also lift the lid on how to undertake keyword research and the best software to use so you can find out EXACTLY how many people are searching for your product or service. You’ll understand how to analyse your competitors to see if you can realistically get onto page one on Google. We will do live examples of keyword research using the businesses of the attendees so you experience keyword research in action.

Digital Marketing Courses - Workshops

Workshop in session at The BIPC Centre, British Library

4. PPC – paid Google advertising

One of our clients did Google Adwords for 6 months and they sold over £25,000 worth of workshop tickets. The cost of the advertising was under £2,000 – a remarkable return-on-investment! You’ll learn how to set up your own Google Adwords campaign with clear step-by-step instructions which are also featured in your workbook, so you can refer to them after the masterclass.

We will share the results of a successful PPC campaign and we’ll ask you to write your own PPC advert.

After this masterclass, you’ll know if PPC is right for your business and whether you should do PPC yourself or outsource it. Either way, you’ll be able to set up a successful campaign.

5. Content marketing

Your business needs to create the right content to generate website traffic and increase sales. With limited time and resources, what content should you be creating? Should it be blogs, infographics, eBooks, giveaways viral videos… the possibilities are overwhelming.

Don’t worry! We’ve done all the hard work for you. We will share 3 proven content marketing strategies that get reliable results.

One of these strategies helped our client’s website enquiries convert into sales in half the time. This content strategy created more trust during the sales process and dramatically reduced sales lost due to price.

You’ll also learn some jaw-dropping stats on the most successful content marketing strategy of all time!

Digital Marketing Courses - The British Library

Access £5m worth of business data at the BIPC

6. Blogging

We will explain WHY blogging has moved from a fringe activity for people with strange interests to a crucial strategy for small business owners. We will share astonishing research from 14,000 small businesses on the impact of blogging on their website traffic AND business inquiries.

We’ll teach “long tail blogging strategy” and the step-by-step approach to blogging we use at Grow which brings 10,000 unique visitors to our website each month.

You will learn the science behind getting evergreen blog traffic.

7. Facebook marketing

While your competitors are wasting time getting Facebook likes, you will learn advanced Facebook marketing strategies that get remarkable results. Most small business owners don’t realise that to be successful on Facebook you have to pay to play. We will show you what adverts work best on Facebook.

Facebook analyses all the information you share every day on your profile including what you like, what you share and what you comment on. All this data means that Facebook is now one of the world’s most powerful advertising platforms.

You can show YOUR Facebook adverts to people by postcode. You can target people with specific interests. For example, if you’re a Pilates teacher you can target people who like Pilates. You can show adverts to people based on their job title, their children’s ages and much more!

After this masterclass, you’ll never think about sharing on Facebook in the same way again and you’ll know whether Facebook advertising is right for your business.

We will share a Facebook campaign we ran at Grow that generated 120 business inquiries for under £30.

Digital Marketing Courses - The British Library


  • You’ll get your own 25-page Online Marketing Masterclass workbook, with templates, practical information, step-by-step instructions, bonus content, exercises, your online marketing action plan and space to make notes. Previous attendees regularly tell us they still refer to their workbook years later! When the workshop is delivered as a webinar you’ll be emailed a PDF of the workbook after you book tickets.
  • You can ask questions at any point during the course. We always have valuable discussions and there’s lots of personal input from Alasdair, your masterclass leader, on your business.
  • During webinars you can ask questions on Zoom chat and by “raising your hand” on Zoom.
  • You will get time to create your own digital marketing action plan and you will leave the Online Marketing Masterclass with a minimum of 10 practical steps to improve your marketing immediately!

About Your Masterclass Leader:

  • Your masterclass leader, Alasdair Inglis has taught marketing to over 3,000 entrepreneurs. Grow’s professional marketing masterclasses have been taught on the world’s top small business programme: The Goldman Sachs, 10,000 small business programme delivered with UCL.
  • Alasdair also teaches marketing at the School for Social Entrepreneurs which hothouses the UK’s most successful social entrepreneurs.
  • Alasdair does not teach theory! He has tested every digital marketing method you’ll learn during this professional Online Marketing Masterclass with fast-growth companies across many different business sectors.

Digital Marketing Courses - The British Library


In depth information on keywords, SEOs, google ads all the way through to long tail keywords for blogging.

Bryony Hope profile photo

The masterclass included in depth information on keywords, SEOs, google ads all the way through to long tail keywords for blogging.

It got me thinking much more about content marketing.

Bryony Hope
Big House Theatre Company

Helped me to be up to date with the most efficient & effective strategies for marketing a business online on a small budget.

This was a great workshop! Relevant for small businesses without lots of money!

Very interactive with demos shown live online. It also helped me to be up to date with the most efficient & effective strategies for marketing a business online on a small budget.

Diana Wright
Diana Wright Nutrition

A truly valuable session to attend for any small business owner!

Dudley Rees profile photo

Grow has taught me the importance of marketing and helped me to value it as a revenue generator and not an admin burden as I had previously seen it! It’s vital to my business that I understand and reprioritise the work I do; especially online through the website and in finding ways to approach new customers. The main benefit from the workshop was learning how to show customers that you can solve their problems rather than just selling them products.

The complementing workbook was ideal, the perfect size to dip into and well thought out in terms of practical tips and advice. Grow nailed it in terms of the location and the group size – a truly valuable session to attend for any small business owner!

Dudley Rees
Chelsea Connected Ltd

The workshop helped me to think more clearly about my online marketing strategy.

Justine Prain profile photo

The small group discussions were really great with a good level of content. The workshop helped me to think more clearly about my online marketing strategy.

Justine Prain
Made By Jason

It broadened my horizons of online marketing knowledge

Yousuf Mahammad profile photo

Excellent course- very informative.

I definitely feel I’ve broadened my horizons of online marketing knowledge.

Yousuf Muhammad
Mytracom Limited

A half-day of digital marketing training in central London will cost about £300 plus vat and it won’t come with a step-by-step, detailed workbook or a money back guarantee!

Often digital marketing workshops are taught by technical experts or big agency gurus who have zero experience when it comes to small businesses.

More importantly, not using the best digital marketing strategies for your business and wasting time and money on ineffective digital strategies means this masterclass is worth tens of thousands of pounds to your business.

Invest in Your Marketing, Book Your Place Now:

Where: Webinar on Zoom

Cost: Free

Click here to visit the Reset: restart program page and scroll down to find the webinar called ‘Reset. Restart: your digital marketing – Part 1’ [as pictured in screenshot below]






While The British Library is closed all workshops will be run as webinars on Zoom

How does the Zoom webinar work?

1. After you buy your ticket through Eventbrite you will be sent an email with the Zoom link and Zoom password for your webinar. (add the event to your calendar)

2. In your webinar email confirmation you’ll receive a PDF copy of the workbook (please print out your workbook a few days before the session so you can make notes during the workshop.)

3. The webinar will be recorded, and you will be sent the recording and the slides after the workshop.

Will it be death by PowerPoint?

Absolutely not we promise! There will be exercises with other entrepreneurs, group feedback, lots of on-the-spot feedback from the presenter and most of the workshop slides are images. We have detailed step-by-step instructions in the workbook for more complex areas such as setting up a Google Adwords campaign and how to undertake keyword research that you can refer to after the workshop. The workbook is designed so you can make notes on every page.

Who should attend the Online Marketing Masterclass?

It’s ideal for established entrepreneur and start-ups. All the online marketing strategies covered are relevant whether you sell services or products and if you sell to consumers or other businesses. Alasdair owns a service business AND a product business, so he knows about marketing for both of these!

When does the Online Marketing Masterclass run?

It runs every month on different dates from 2pm – 6pm.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?

If after attending the Digital Marketing Masterclass, you’re not absolutely delighted, we offer a 100% no quibble 180-day guarantee. We do not offer refunds to people who do not attend as the masterclass is often sold out.

Can I get an invoice?

After you book you will receive a PDF invoice from EventBrite with all the workshop details and payment info. This invoice is all you need and is suitable for your tax and vat records.

Do I need to bring my ticket for in person workshops?

You do not need to bring printed tickets or show us your ticket on your phone. Your name(s) will be on our sign-in sheet at The British Library Business and IP Centre reception (one less thing to worry about!).

Where are the in-person workshops?

The British Library Business and IP Centre is 5-minute walk from Kings Cross railway and underground station. The Piccadilly, Victoria, Northern and Circle lines all run there.