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Sales Training

Fix your sales teams issues once and for all

When it comes to managing the sales side of your business, ignorance is not bliss. If you turn a blind eye, it has an unfortunate tendency to slap you in the face with serious business consequences.

Learn the essential sales strategies, so you and your sales team’s issues get sorted once and for all, and get the sales results your business deserves.

Grow’s sales training course is designed for established business owners. It also covers several marketing fundamentals, which are essential for your sales and marketing to work together effectively.

Through our 1-1 work with over 150 fast growing businesses, we kept seeing the same sales issues crop up over and over again, even if the businesses were very different.

Hiring, training, and retaining great sales staff is incredibly difficult. We have seen more “car crashes” than we care to mention.

Consistently hiring good salespeople and avoiding bad apples and poor performers is exceptionally tough, and getting it wrong is incredibly stressful and stunts your business growth.

It can take a few months to realise that a salesperson is a poor performer, and as a small business you don’t have an HR department to come to your rescue.

Hiring salespeople is a minefield. Why? Because they are salespeople!

Salespeople are great at presenting and selling themselves – it’s VERY easy to hire someone who performs well during your interview, and then they end up being your very own nightmare employee!

Ensuring that you train all your staff properly about your products and services and the way YOU do business requires time and effort.

Sadly, I often see business owners not investing the necessary time to train new and existing staff properly.

Think about it this way: Do everything you can to support your salespeople to succeed, so if they do fail you know it’s down to them and not you.

In a small business, sales and marketing must work together. I see too many entrepreneurs miss golden opportunities to use crucial sales feedback to inform their marketing. If your marketing is not working, your salespeople must never suffer in silence.

Customer objections and the reasons why people aren’t buying are golden nuggets for your marketing team.

For this reason, we generally don’t recommend using outsourced salespeople as you can miss out on crucial feedback about what’s working and what’s not.

When dealing with your salespeople, you’ll have faced the painful dilemma of “is it you or me?” It’s enough to drive you crazy!

When your salespeople underperform, they will find excuses, blame poor marketing or something else, and you’ll end up scratching your head wondering what the truth is. Sound familiar?

If you don’t have an effective system for regularly monitoring and evaluating your salespeople, how can you expect to deal with your poor performers?

The great news is that there are lots of easy hacks, strategies and tactics that can instantly transform your sales results.

In this sales training workshop, you will learn practical strategies that have worked with over 150 fast-growing businesses selling all kinds of products and services.

We promise – No Jargon, no death by Powerpoint, no corporate waffle. Just lots of easy to implement actions that WORK.


1. Increase your sales by focusing on your ideal customers

You’ll use Grow’s Target Market Assessment Tool to identify your ideal customers.

We’ve developed this tool from 12 years of working with over 150 business owners.

This tool helps you focus your sales and marketing efforts on your ideal customers. You’ll immediately get better results from your marketing spend as your salespeople will get better quality leads who are easier to sell to.

We used this target market assessment tool while teaching on The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme. When it was time for a tea break nobody went – they were all using the Target Market Assessment Tool.

2. Improve the journey your customers take and make more sales

During the sales training workshop, you’ll map out your customers’ journey using a Harvard University methodology and make on-the-spot improvements to your customers’ buying experience.

Doing this is crucially important in terms of getting your sales and marketing to work together effectively and become partners instead of different business functions.

Sales Training - Roads

Most businesses have gaps in their customer’s journey from a new enquiry to a sale. You’ll identify these gaps, so you’ll stop losing sales you should be making.

After our workshops, one of our clients created a 20-page downloadable eBook and email follow-up sequence. New customers take less time to purchase and the company gets fewer objections due to price.

3. Create an incredibly attractive value proposition that attracts great customers

Attract your ideal customers with an incredible value proposition, using Grow’s Value Proposition Creation Tool. When your salespeople talk to new enquiries with the RIGHT value proposition, customers eyes will light up. This is because you’ve given them the perfect package of value that makes them want to buy from you and not your competitors.

Using grow’s value proposition creation tool you’ll be able to quickly see what gaps there are in your current value proposition and correct them. This is especially important when developing new products and services. Our value proposition tool gives you a step by step process to create killer propositions that your customers AND salespeople will love, time and time again.

Having a killer value proposition means that more new enquiries become paying clients because you’ve included everything that’s important to them in your marketing. If you are spending money on getting website traffic, you MUST have a fantastic value proposition.

4. How to train your salespeople so they become experts in your product and services

There are some very simple hacks to train your salespeople effectively. You will learn how to use your existing salespeople to onboard and train new salespeople and to spot potential issues early on.

You’ll learn that training salespeople is an ongoing process that never stops if you want to be successful.

We’ll teach you a simple test to see if your salesperson has understood your products and services.

5. How to create cheat sheets for all your staff, so they always have the right information when selling

During the workshop, you’ll create a cheat sheet template that your salespeople can use.

Creating a cheat sheet focuses you and your salespeople and makes you think about what information they need to make the sale.

Having a cheat sheet means your salespeople will appear professional at all times and can always answer customer’s questions. If you use live chat software on your website, this information is essential for your team to answer questions and win new customers effectively.

6. Create killer sales pages that convert, using Grow’s 10 step sales page formula:

You’ll learn Grow’s unique 10 step sales page formula that will massively improve the performance of your sales page, meaning more phone calls, more new enquiries and more sales.

We’ve developed this 10 step formula using the latest user experience research, landing page design, psychology, copywriting and persuasion techniques.

We have combined the best of these different areas so you can create sales pages that can double your conversions.

Best of all, our formula is an incredibly easy step by step process – It’s painting by numbers.

After our workshop, any writer on your team can create sales pages for your products and services easily. It’s almost impossible to find a copywriter who can write quality sales pages, and if you do find a great sales copywriter, a small piece of work can easily cost four figures.

Just learning our 10 step sales page formula in the workshop is worth the price of admission.

Within 20 minutes previous attendees have created a hugely improved sales pages.

7. Learn how to increase your chances of a sale with proper research and the latest software:

We lift the lid on how to properly research potential new customers before that all-important first meeting or phone call. You’ll learn how to use this insight to build rapport and trust to increase the chances of making the sale in an authentic way.

We’ll share groundbreaking software so you can research new customers and you’ll learn how to find people’s LinkedIn profile from their email address.

8. Learn how to qualify prospects properly and transform sales results:

Qualifying new enquiries is a game changer. It shows you if your marketing is bringing in good quality leads.

Failing to qualify prospects means that your salespeople waste time following up the wrong leads, wasting limited time and resources instead of closing your ideal customers – those who are profitable and buy from you for the long term.

You’ll learn a simple process so that every new prospect is properly qualified and in a way that makes them feel comfortable. It’s a game changer and helps both the sales and marketing side of your business.

9. Help your salespeople really understand your customer’s pain points:

Successful salespeople have to be able to close deals and be persistent in following people up.

However, the best salespeople also excel at quickly assessing customer needs and pain points early on in the sales process. We cover the three key questions that all your salespeople MUST ask your customers to uncover their pain, their real reasons for buying and what they really want.

Getting to the heart of what someone wants to achieve by buying your product and why they’re buying will dramatically increase your sales conversions.

10. Turn customer objections and rejection into gold dust for your business:

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates

Your salespeople get objections and reasons why people won’t buy every single day, and this feedback is pure magic like the finest compost, just waiting for some award winning roses!

You’ll do a simple exercise in pairs where you’ll create multiple answers to your customer’s most common objections. These answers can be refined over time so that whatever objection your potential new customer has, your salespeople will always have an answer that works.

This is an incredibly fun exercise to do.

11. How to navigate the nightmare of CRM and win:

Every single company we have ever worked with struggles to get the customer relationship management side of their business right. All CRM systems have pluses and minuses. During this workshop, we’ll give you key insights from our years of experience, so you don’t choose the wrong CRM.

During this sales management training workshop, we’ll work out what features your CRM must have, what you’d like to have and what you don’t need, helping you choose the right CRM system for your business.

The problem with CRM systems is that there are very few companies that sell multiple CRM systems, so when you speak to each CRM salesperson, they are only going to sell you one solution.

12. The one document that makes all your salespeople instantly accountable:

If you’re not using a daily activity sheet for all of your salespeople, you’re not properly tracking what they’re doing. We share a simple and effective daily activity sheet during the workshop, and you get to try out the activity sheet amend and improve if appropriate.

Sales Training - Cheat Sheet

Using a daily activity sheet instantly makes your salespeople more accountable as they know that every day their activities are being monitored.

13. How to ensure that your salespeople focus on the best leads in the pipeline:

As your business grows, it’s essential to track the quality of your sales pipeline. Can you be anywhere in the world and know how many people are in your salespeople’s pipeline and the quality of all of their leads?

Knowing the quality of all the leads in your sales pipeline helps you assign the best quality leads to the right salespeople and lets you know how well your marketing is working. You’ll learn the best approach to assessing the quality of every lead in your sales pipeline. Getting this right is the foundation of a sales operation that can scale.

14. How to always hire great salespeople AND reduce your bad hires with a few simple hacks:

You’ll know that the hardest roles to fill in your company are your salespeople, second only to marketing people.

You will learn specific processes and approaches to hiring that will dramatically reduce your risk of hiring a dud, and we will show you exactly how to interview and test, including one incredible hack to find out if someone will be good at their job in only 15 minutes!

We show you smart ways to test salespeople before they start working with you because they often behave very differently during the interview process than they do in their role.

You’ll learn an easy hack which lets you know if your hire will work well with your team and we share the latest research into inexpensive candidate testing that really works. What you learn in this section of the workshop will save you tens of thousands in wasted hiring costs and bad hires.


  • You’ll get your own bound 31-page Sales Training workbook, packed with practical information, step-by-step instructions, bonus content, templates exercises, an action plan and there’s plenty of space to make notes on every page.
  • You’ll create your own action plan and you’ll leave the sales training workshop with a minimum of 10 practical steps to improve how you approach sales straight away.
  • You can ask questions at any point during the workshop. There are always valuable, practical discussions during the workshop and there’s always lots of personal input from Alasdair, your workshop leader, about your business.

About your presenter:

Alasdair Inglis has taught sales marketing to over 3,000 entrepreneurs and has worked with over 150 small business owners and many award winning companies.

Alasdair also teaches Masterclasses at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London – home of the UK’s most successful social entrepreneurs.


Will it be death by PowerPoint?

No: We promise it won’t be! There will be exercises with other attendees, group feedback, lots of feedback from the presenter and most of the workshop slides are images.  The workbook is designed so that you can make notes on every page and it’s jam packed full of exercises that will be done in pairs. You can ask questions at any point during the workshop.

Who should attend the sales training workshop?

This workshop is ideal for established entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to improve how they manage and understand the sales side of their business.

This workshop has been taught on business programmes at The Lebanon Tech Hub, The Goldman Sachs 10ksb Programme and at UCL.

When does the sales training workshop run?

This is an in-house workshop delivered to organisations and at businesses.

Please get in touch if you would like us to deliver it for your business or organisation.

Top feedback from us for all of Alasdair’s workshops

Alasdair’s workshop was so hands on and practical – He covered lots of different marketing channels and explained everything really clearly.We learnt things we could actually put in to practice such as email marketing and Facebook advertising. Alasdair showed us how easy and effective they can be.

I was impressed with how Alasdair handled all the questions during the workshop, no matter the sector.

Alasdair also delivered a full day of sales training for us at the UK Lebanon Tech Hub in Beirut and everyone is still raving about it.

Alessio Bortone

UK Lebanon Tech Hub

An excellent workshop, delivered by a real expert in the field

This was an excellent workshop, delivered by a real expert in the field.

The participants were given an engaging class that not only looked at sales strategy but also salesforce management and operations. It asked the group to analyse their own strategies and processes and taught them how to go about applying alternate ones.

A very practical and relevant course for any entrepreneur or leader of an SME.

Oliver Pinch, Training Manager

UCL Advances

His open and engaging style ensures that there is lots of interaction and his practical knowledge and real world insights have been greatly valued by participants.

Alasdair Inglis from Grow has taught a number of marketing and sales workshops on UCL’s internal and external programmes.

His open and engaging style ensures that there is lots of interaction and learning in his workshops and his practical knowledge and real world insights have been greatly valued by participants resulting in excellent feedback.

Dave Chapman, Vice-Dean for Enterprise UCL Engineering

University College London

One of the best workshops I have been to – and I have been to a lot!

One of the best workshops I have been to – and I have been to a lot! Alasdair is extremely knowledgeable about small business sales and marketing and the workshop gave me a wealth of actionable ideas to take forward for my business.

Sinead MacManus


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