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advanced keyword research

Grow's Guide To Advanced Keyword Research We've spent countless hours listening with sadness to new customers who have been disappointed with so-called SEO experts. Many of these SEO experts seem to talk a good game but they rarely seem to ... [Read more]

So you’ve spent time and effort creating a landing page for your new product, download or service only to realise that you’re not making enough sales. People are coming to your page in droves, but nobody is taking any action. You’re ... [Read more]

installing google analytics

How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress We’ve already talked about some of the reasons why WordPress is a brilliant website platform for smaller businesses, and the ease with which you can install Google Analytics tracking is yet another reason ... [Read more]

pr tips

My name is Mike Peake and I have been a journalist for more than 25 years, the past eight years of which have been as a freelancer. I work for a multitude of consumer magazines and, from time to time, the UK’s main broadsheets. As a result, I’m in a ... [Read more]

fake twitter followers

How Buying Twitter Followers Can Ruin Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Social media is so beneficial for small businesses because it allows you to actively engage with your target market, as well as build your brand and give your company a ... [Read more]

7 things to look for in a marketing consultant

It would have been easy to just write a thinly veiled sales article talking about our services and how we totally embody the attributes of a perfect marketing consultant. Instead, we decided to write an impartial guide that would really be of benefit ... [Read more]

There are experts who will design and administer customer satisfaction or feedback surveys, for a fee. But I’ll let you in to a secret: you might be able to save some money and do it yourself. Sites like Survey Monkey take a lot of the pain out of ... [Read more]

Guest Blogging - Google Penalty

As the name suggests, guest blogging is when someone provides an article to another blog, as a third-party contributor. Guest blogs are usually written for free, unless that author is specifically invited by the blog owner due to their expertise ... [Read more]

content marketing blunders

Content marketing is one of the most important elements of your marketing process. It’s about creating, promoting and distributing content consistently, with the goal of encouraging your target audience to take action. Despite its importance, many ... [Read more]

Why Taking Inspiration From Your Competitors Will Do Wonders For Your Marketing T.S. Eliot once said that “good writers borrow, great writers steal”. Marketing is no different. Great marketing isn’t about reinventing the wheel - it’s often about ... [Read more]

One of the most valuable aspects of running a blog is opening up a dialogue with your readers through the comment section. Not only does it enrich any blog with extra insight from your peers, but it also gives you a chance to demonstrate your ... [Read more]

royalty-free images

How To Find Open Source Images For Your Blog It’s no surprise that blog posts with images do better on average than those without. According to the Social Science Research Network - 65% of all humans are visual learners, and respond better to visual ... [Read more]