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What Is The Goldman Sachs 10 000 Small Businesses Programme?

The Goldman Sachs 10 000 Small Businesses Programme (GS10kSB) is one of the biggest global business initiatives helping small businesses. So far, it has pledged over $500 million towards training and support.

Goldman Sachs 10 000 Small Businesses Programme

Grow were delighted to have delivered 3 marketing workshops to 3 different groups as part of the Goldman Sachs 10 000 Small Businesses programme. Grow also went on to help a number of alumni as a marketing consultant.

The programme helps small but established businesses and social enterprises move to the next level of expansion by providing them with the necessary training and one-on-one support from experts in entrepreneurial learning.

It’s funded by the Goldman Sachs Foundation and developed and delivered by a network of industry experts.

Through 12 workshop modules, customised planning and comprehensive one-on-one advice, each small business or social enterprise will receive high quality, practical business support and education from a range of industry experts at no cost. As a result of the programme, many participants see their businesses grow by 15%-50%!

Quick Programme Overview

  • Over 100 hours of business and management education over 12 curriculum sessions.
  • The programme is fully funded by Goldman Sachs and is free to attend.
  • Business mentoring during the programme and after it’s finished.
  • Programme graduates get opportunities to participate in alumni offerings such as workshops, seminars, and networking events.
  • Open to all manner of small businesses and social enterprises.

Benefits for businesses that take part

The Goldman Sachs 10 000 Small Businesses Programme is designed to help your business unlock its potential – benefiting you, your company and the local community through job creation, increased profits and deployment of new products and services.

Businesses have access to a total of 100 hours of high quality, practically-focussed business and management education. Delivered over the course of 12 individual curriculum sessions, you will focus on different business disciplines and challenges ranging from operational advice to sales and marketing.

As well as this, you will have access to comprehensive one-to-one business advice with practitioners and industry experts who understand the needs of small businesses.

There are a further 10 optional workshops available, according to the needs of the participants. You will develop the practical skills and knowledge required for you to grow your business. Each session focuses on action-based learning which you can take back to your company and apply immediately.

Graduates of the programme are assigned their own expert mentor, who will work with them to maintain and accelerate growth.

Graduates also have the opportunity to participate in alumni offerings such as workshops, seminars, and networking events as part of building a broader community network; an invaluable asset to any small business owner.

Eligibility criteria to apply for The 10,000 Small Businesses programme

The programme applicant must be the primary owner (or primary co-owner) of the business, or the most senior decision-maker if the business is not limited by shares.

The business must have been operating for at least one year and will have between 5 and 40 employees. However, applications will be considered from businesses with fewer or more employees that have exceptional growth potential and could benefit significantly from the programme.

Businesses that employ contractors as opposed to employees will still be considered. Social enterprise applicants must be commercially operated businesses (irrespective of legal structure) that seek to achieve their stated social purpose primarily through trading rather than through grant funding.

Is my business suitable for this programme?

Each group, or “cohort”, will consist of between 25 and 30 small business owners in London. The programme is fully funded and free for businesses to attend, however it is not a business grant.

The programme is not intended for start-up businesses, sole traders or businesses that are not seeking to grow.

A key element in the competitive selection process will be the ability of participants to benefit from the programme. Successful applicants must have the desire and drive to grow their businesses, create local employment and have scalable business models.

Find Out More

NB: As you would expect, competition to get on the programme is quite fierce and therefore the application process is rigorous!

Find out more about the programme and briefings here.


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