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3 Indispensable SEO Tips For Small Business Success

seo-tipsThere are hundreds of SEO tips you could implement today to improve your search marketing efforts. Some work instantly, whilst others take a while to get going. If you searched for “SEO Tips” in Google, you’d see plenty of sites promising 100 or 200 SEO tips that’ll generate endless traffic.

But that’s part of the problem.

You don’t have time to try a hundred SEO optimisation tips before you see results. You’ve got a business to grow after all.

If you’re looking for high-impact SEO tips and tricks you can implement immediately, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone through over 200 and selected only the very best worth spending time on.

1. Get Ranked in Google’s Featured Rich Snippets

Have you noticed how some search queries in Google prominently show featured results? These featured results tower over everything else and drive HUGE search traffic to the website.

The phrases which trigger these rich snippets are usually questions or queries which could be answered in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. For example, “why is communication important in a relationship?”


The factors which contribute towards getting ranked in featured rich snippets are not extraordinary by any means. In hindsight, the factors are obvious and make perfect sense.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, content word count, the number of backlinks and your position in search engine results pages (though you should be on page 1) doesn’t matter as much for ranking in featured snippets.

I’ve seen articles in 8th place with 600 words and zero backlinks getting featured.

What’s the difference between them and everyone else? They’re more relevant to the end user which is Google’s overall mission.

If your target keyword is a question, use it as part of your answer within the content. For example: “Communication in a relationship is important because…”

For “how to” keywords, structure your content in steps and place them in HTML header tags.
[H2]Step 1: X[/H2]
[H2]Step 2: X[/H2]
[H2]Step 3: X[/H2]

Use SEMRush [30 day trial link] to identify featured rich snippet opportunities by analysing your top performing keywords (Positions 1-10). Update your content using the instructions above and monitor your results.

2. Do Regular Content Audits

auditWhen creating an SEO and content strategy, it can be easy to fall into the trap of churning out content in the hopes you’ll hit the jackpot from search engines.

And maybe you will.

You did keyword research, wrote content, optimised them for SEO and published them.

Your strategy has been a success.

Until one day, you check your analytics. And you’re not happy.

After a year’s worth of blog posts, you’ve noticed that only 5% of your content generated 90% of your organic traffic.

You have large swathes of under-performing content.

This is content which should be converting visitors into leads and making you money!

Why is my content under-performing?

From my experience, keyword selection is always the main culprit.

You may have selected the best keywords at the time.

What nobody tells you is that keywords are seasonal. You must pay attention to the trends over a 12-month period before deciding whether a keyword is really golden.

If your target phrase receives 800 searches, but its average monthly volume has been dropping month-after-month – is it really a hot phrase?

Also, keyword research data is NEVER 100% accurate. The data you get is not gospel, so don’t treat it as such.

Doing a content audit will help alleviate this problem and increase your website’s overall conversion rate.

The goal is to identify poor-performing content and make an executive decision on how to improve it.

Do you need to:

  • Spend 30 minutes further optimising it for SEO?
  • Choose a new keyword and rewrite it entirely?
  • Amalgamate it into a more relevant, high-performing piece of content? (more words = more opportunities to rank for related keywords)
  • Use it to beef up your content offerings and delete the original page?
  • Kill the page?

Content audits should be performed every 6 months because inbound marketing typically takes 6 months to see the full results and changes of your efforts.

You can learn how to perform a content audit here.

3. Setup Branded Alerts To Build Backlinks

hashtagThis SEO tip is one of my favourites, simply because of how simple it is to implement.

Setting up branded mentions allows you to monitor the conversations people have about your business. In an instant, you can see what your customers really think about your brand through the reviews they leave and what they tell other people.

But branded alerts can be used for much more than simple reputation management.

You can use them to build backlinks which improve your SEO.

Essentially you’re going to identify and contact people who mention your brand online to link back to your website.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Setup a free trial at

Once you’ve registeredmention, start adding in some keywords you want to monitor. A good starting point is to include your website’s brand name, your full name and any relevant products/services you offer. Explore the settings and ensure you’ve excluded mentions made on your own website.

Step 2: Change Notification Frequency to Daily

In your settings, click “manage notifications” and set your email notification alerts to “daily”.

Your goal is to capture the mentions as soon as they occur. If you want to capture brand mentions as and when they occur in real-time, setup desktop notification alerts to “hourly”.

I’ve noticed that the chances of gaining a backlink drops sharply if you make contact a few weeks or months after the mention occurred.

When you receive notifications of mentions, you need to find the contact details of the author who mentioned your brand. Usually you will find this on their about page and/or author profiles. If all else fails, contact them directly through Twitter and strike a conversation.


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