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The 5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Your Business

Many businesses use Mailchimp to help them with emails and automation. However, Mailchimp isn’t the only automated marketing software that you can use for your business. If you’re not sure what software to get, then look over these five alternatives to Mailchimp so that you can find an automated marketing software that will cover your needs.

1. Omnisend

While many automated software choices focus on email marketing or other aspects of automation, Omnisend reaches out and covers different options. This is because the company focuses on omnichannel marketing, meaning that it brings multiple channels together to focus on the customer.

Omnisend covers multiple channels for your business so that you can automate it as much as possible. Here are a few of the channels that they use:

SMS (text messaging)


Social media


Omnisend can use these channels to send welcome emails, abandoned cart notifications, birthday offers, and many other features. This gives your business the opportunity to stay in contact with customers while giving them an integrated experience. You can adjust the automation to handle different aspects of your channels.

Omnisend gives you multiple options. You can start using their email automation for free, gain more email features and text automation for $16 a month, and omnichannel automation for $99 a month. The price also drops if you get it yearly. You can try it out for free or only spend money on the features that you want.

2.  Constant Contact

Constant Contact works as a great option because it focuses on email. That means that if you just want to cover email for your automated marketing, then this could be a good option for you. Constant Contact seeks to focus on increasing your customer engagement and get you better results for your email marketing.

This image shows some of the features that Constant Contact as an alternative to Mailchimp focuses on in its email marketing. You can automatically send welcome emails to new leads. It will use drip campaigns to nurture your leads into customers. This will keep your audience engaged while allowing you to segment them and build up your lists through social media.

This means that Constant Contact wants to help you build up your email list, encourage your leads to make purchases, and get the most out of your emails. Since it uses these automated features, you can let the program handle your leads while you focus on other things. As an added bonus, you can use their website builder.

Constant Contact offers a free trial without using your credit card. You can also pay $20 a month for their email marketing or $45 a month for Email Plus.

3.  Hubspot

Hubspot stands out as another automated marketing alternative to Mailchimp since it tackles email alongside other channels. They place a heavy emphasis on email drip campaigns and making workflows as easy to use as possible. This way, you can get everything set up and allow the software to handle your email marketing.

Drip campaigns and workflows are when you set up messages ahead of time for your customers. Depending on their interactions with your business, the workflows will adjust which messages customers get and how many they will receive. In short, workflows let the software know what it should do in different situations.

Alongside drip campaigns and workflows, Hubspot offers other automated features to make marketing easier for you:

Manage your leads to give them the best targeted messages

Collect data so that you can look at it and make adjustments

Help you with your blog posts to improve it for search engines and keep them consistent

Hubspot is a lot more expensive than other brands, so you should look into it if you’re a large business that can afford its features. You can pay $50 a month for the starter version, $800 a month for professional, and $3,200 a month for enterprise.

4.  Mailjet

Mailjet emphasises improving your key performance indicators (KPIs) for email marketing. This means that Mailjet wants to focus on the areas that it feels will help your business to perform better. Here are some of the areas mentioned:

Mailjet contains features that make it easy for you to view your KPIs, such as open, bounce, or spam rates. You can see how you performed in comparison to previous areas. While Mailjet does provide this information, there are also some other key points that the business focuses on:

Providing software that focuses on the customer’s journey

Helping you to improve your deliverability

Giving you a drag-and-drop email editor

Mailjet allows you to start with a free trial without expiration, but the price will change depending on the number of emails you send a month. You can start as low as $9.65 a month for 30,000 emails. Look over the prices to see what you will need and how much it will cost.

5.  AWeber

AWeber lets the software handle 90% of the work for marketing and you handle 10% of it to customise and have fun with the software. The software has three categories: create, deliver, and grow.

Create focuses on allowing you to make quick changes to different aspects of your marketing. For example, it gives you easy to use email templates. Deliver focuses on allowing you to get your emails to your customers by using the automated software. Grow focuses on getting you more leads by using a simplified list and integrated sign-up forms.

To add to this, you can get a general idea of their templates through their Email Smart Designer. You enter your URL and it gives you templates that will match the style of your website. This makes it great for businesses that don’t know where to start with email marketing.

AWeber provides a free trial and then you can pay either monthly, quarterly, or annually for the software. The price depends on how many subscribers you have, starting as low as $19 a month for under 500 subscribers.


If you don’t want to use Mailchimp, then you have different options to consider for your business. Look over these alternatives to see which one provides the features that your business needs to succeed. As you do some research and spend some time thinking about it, you can find the right automated marketing software for your business.


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