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Ways to Stay in Touch with Clients Over the Holiday Period

It’s critical when you are building client relationships that you keep in touch on a regular basis, especially when face-to-face meetings are restricted. Sometimes knowing what you are up to, or a nice touch on your behalf letting them know you are thinking of them will solidify your working relationship.  Here are some ways you can keep in touch with clients over the holiday period.

1. Send out Christmas Cards

A Christmas card is always a nice gesture.  You can get some cards designed and printed to send off to your contacts. If you hand write the card and add a personalised message, it will be even more effective.  There are some great online print stores that are cost-effective and will even design it for you into the bargain.  Get them ordered in plenty of time to make sure it reaches them before Christmas.

2. Post Regular Updates on Social Media

People are spending a lot more time on social media, and it means there is a great opportunity for you to keep them updated with what’s going on with your company and also engage with them.  You could stream some Facebook Lives to give them a chance to interact with you and ask you questions, or you could use it to announce a new product launch or offer you are pushing over the festive period.  Posting regularly is the best way to keep your company in their mind.

3. Send out an Email Campaign

Holiday email marketing is also a great way to keep in touch with your clients. You could complete an end of the year round-up letting people what your 2020 has looked like, or you could consider running some Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaigns.  Make sure your data is effectively segmented into relevant groups and personalise the content to the targets as much as you can before sending out.

4. Host a Virtual Party and Invite them to Network

As people are using digital communications such as Zoom more than normal these days, it’s given us the opportunity to get all of your clients together in one online place and build connections.  You never know it could be that there is some synergy across your clients’ and they can build their own relationships. Hosting a festive themed party could be a great ice breaker for them – and also will give you the chance to reconnect.

5. Update your Blog Section

You’d be surprised as to how many of your clients visit your website on a regular basis.  Make sure you update your blog or news section on a regular basis to give updates on company life.  This also gives you content to link back to on social media.  Bear in mind, the more you update your website – the better this is for SEO. 

If you want to make sure your clients don’t forget about you over the festive period, make sure you take into account these top tips.


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